Monday, 20 February 2012

One In / One Out in Germany

Cooper troopers' the noble traveller TB has added 76.85 miles to it's distance travelled in The Great Travel Bug Knockout, thanks to being placed into this German cache.

Meanwhile, 247 miles away, Team Blid435's BraveHeart Travel Bug was picked up from the cache that it was resting by newbie cacher Reinhold71. Being retrieved by a recent convert to the hobby is not always a good thing!

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Wednesday, 15 February 2012


Wow, I had dream that I hadn't updated The Great Travel Bug Knockout blog for three months and then I woke up and IT WAS TRUE!

Anyway, I'm back now, so with only 6 weeks to go, it time to say goodbye to Hazards of Geocaching 1 - Karon's Knockout Racer, Smart Car 10 Knockout Racer and Knockout Ferrari, and in true Bullseye fashion, let's have a look at what they could've won;

Not quite as exciting as a speedboat, but easier to find space on your mantlepiece for!

Only 3 survivors now;
the noble traveller, in the hands of German cacher muskosa,
Love and Peace (Maan), in the hands of Canadian cachers StoGirls and possibly on it's way from Quebec to Florida,
and runaway leader BraveHeart, currently in this German cache, and, thanks to a lengthy sojourn in The Antipodes followed by a recent return trip to Europe has racked up an impressive 24315.11 official Knockout miles! I can imagine Team Blid435 rubbing their hands together in anticipation!

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