Friday, 28 October 2011

Is geocaching about to become less hazardous?


With four days until the next elimination, things are not looking good for mat smith's Hazards of Geocaching 2 (The Sheep) John's Knockout Racer Travel Bug, which is currently almost 200 miles behind it's nearest competitor and is in the hands of an occassional cacher who hasn't cached since picking up the woolly TB.

In fact, the only entry in The Great Travel Bug Knockout which has moved this week is Hediya's Love and Peace (Maan) TB, which Quebecois cacher new8812 placed into this new cache (after visiting 12 more in the area!), where it was quickly retrieved by fellow Canadian Musicien. He, in turn placed it into another newly-placed cache, adding 1.31 miles to LaP(Maan)'s total milage covered, from where it was picked-up a couple of days later by geric1 who still has possession of the trackable.

Scroll down to the bottom of this page for current official Knockout positions.

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