Sunday, 16 October 2011

Leaders check into Motels, 3rd place checks out?

Just as it looked like nothing would be happening this month, all of the top 3 entries in The Great Travel Bug Knockout make moves;

Current leader Team Blid435's BraveHeart TB has been dropped into this Australian TB Motel, near to Cairns in Queensland, adding a respectable 2331.61 miles to it's distance travelled. Hopefully the shiny little trackable will be safe there, as a couple of recent finders have reported syringes and drug parafernalia in the immediate area.

Not to be left behind, Hediya's Love and Peace (Maan) Travel Bug has taken up residence in this recently-placed TB Motel east of Montreal in the Canadian province of Quebec, adding 2309.72 miles to it's total milage.

Meanwhile, cacher Jacaru has passed ownership of his 3rd-placed entry, Knockout Ferrari, on to newbie cacher j33pster, who has marked KF as missing. I've attempted to contact Californian cachers VWjunkies who were holding the little spotscar, but they haven't replied and are apparently no longer actively caching. This doesn't neccessarily mean that Knockout Ferrari is out of the competition, as TBs do seem to have the abilty to turn up anywhere at any time!

I'm off for an internet-free week in Cornwall, so probably there'll be lots of movements in the next 7 days! I'll catch up next week and, hopefully, finally get those pictures of the winner's trophy posted.

Scroll down to the bottom of this page for current official Knockout placings

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