Friday, 23 September 2011

...and the cow jumped over the car!

lgxkls' Hazards of Geocaching 1 - Karon's Knockout Racer Travel Bug has been playing leapfrog, passing over smart451's entry in The Great Travel Bug Knockout into 5th place overall after cachers JohnPower & Mopxi placed the little bovine into this popular German cache, adding 104.09 miles to it's distance travelled. It was retrieved the very same day by fellow German cacher henerc.

Also making a move this time is oceanblue07970's Half Hearted TB which has been placed into this Belgian multicache, adding 6.37 miles to it's distance travelled. It'll have to do better than that in the next week or so, as the shiny little TB is 1000 miles behind it's nearest competitor at the moment and looking most likely to be Eliminated from the Knockout on October 1st.

Scroll down to bottom of this page for current official Knockout placings!

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