Tuesday, 27 September 2011

It's a bit of a ding-dong


As the bell is about to ring time on oceanblue07970's Half Hearted Travel Bug, a cowbell is ringing in panic as smart451's Smart Car 10 Knockout Racer TB retakes 5th place overall in The Great Travel Bug Knockout from lgxkls' Hazards of Geocaching 1 trackable. SC10KR is now 50 miles ahead of HoG1 after German cacher Der-Steiger placed the tiny 2-seater into this rural German traditional, adding a respectable 87.77 miles to it's distance travelled.

Relief for mat smith, owner of HoG1's cross-species sibling Hazards of Geocaching 2 (The Sheep) which has been retrieved from the Dutch cache that it was penned in, before the bicycle ferry was moored up for the winter, by local Dutch cacher citylady.

Finally, Hediya's Love and Peace (Maan) shows us that it's not always which cacher retrieves a traveller that can make a difference, but rather which cacher doesn't retrieve! LaP(Maan) has been picked up by Quebecois cacher navy30000 who is planning to take the love-inspiring little TB back to Canada's east coast with him, which should add a considerable distance to it's distance travelled. However, only four days before being picked up, Hediya's entry was ignored by cacher spuchtfink, on holiday in the area from Bremen, Germany!

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