Friday, 16 September 2011

tnt blows past 4000 mile mark

Whilst the top 3 entries in The Great Travel Bug Knockout have been treading water recently, cooper troopers' the noble traveller Travel Bug has been quietly and steadily racking up the milage and has now passed the 4000 miles travelled mark, thanks to Dutch cachers UPQuest adding 88.33 miles to the silver TARDIS' accumulated distance by placing it into this German cache. It was picked up the very same day by German cachers TeamSanSeba, who are aiming to add about 3000 kms of additional distance soon. That'll put the Whovian TB within striking distance of 3rd place (and early pacesetter) Knockout Ferrari, owned by fellow TB Race organiser Jacaru.

In other Knockout news, lgxkls' Hazards Of Geocaching 1 - Karon's Knockout Racer TB has been retrieved from the cache that it was resting in by local German cacher Helle22.

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