Sunday, 18 September 2011

Don't look now, but there's a cow creeping up behind you...

Yes, despite Smart451's Smart Car 10 Knockout Racer TB being retrieved by enthusiast German newbie cacher Der-Steiger, lgxkls' Hazards Of Geocaching 1 - Karon's Knockout Racer Travel Bug has gained on the little two-tone car by the distance of 7.99 miles after cacher Helle22 dropped it into this recently-placed German cache. It was picked up the very next day by JohnPower & Mopxi.

Biggest move of this update goes to Hediya's Love and Peace (Maan) TB, which added 159.53 miles to it's total travelled after cachers Bull&Tink placed it into this fascinating cache, one of a series placed on an artificial spit built above a waste pipe discharging more than two miles into the recently named Salish Sea close to Vancouver International Airport.

This may be for naught though, as New Zealand cachers sww have revealed that they picked up current Knockout leader, Team Blid435's BraveHeart, last month and are planning to take it to Australia shortly...

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